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Alumni Dinner

The annual alumni dinner is organized for the confluence of alumni across batches, which works as a platform for reuniting them with the faculty and introducing them with the current batches in a formal setting.


Constant change is a business reality and organizations must continually adapt to their environments to stay competitive or risk becoming obsolete. That is why the ability to incorporate big changes into the DNA of an enterprise while driving operating results is a much-sought- after competency. Through convention, we seek for answers to the challenges and complex problems by understanding the economic, social and technological aspects and how they affect the business environment and the organization.

Erudition is the Annual Business Convention jointly organized by MBA (HRD) and MBA (IB). Erudition, being the flagship event of the MBA program of the Department of Commerce, is going to hold the 24th Business Convention this year.


HR Symposia

The SDC organizes its flagship event 'HR Symposia' once every year in the month of October. It involves a series of guest lectures over consecutive days, inviting people from the industry to come & share their experiences in the industry while at the same time focusing on the latest trends and conceptual & theoretical aspects of HR & OD.

The lectures are delivered on diverse topics such as:

  • Change Management
  • Transforming HR through Technology
  • Succession Planning
  • HR and Social Media
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Employer Branding
  • Managerial Ethics
  • Redefining HR
  • OD - The CEO’s Mindset
  • Employee Engagement
  • HR Outsourcing – Benefits and Risks


IISAC organizes the annual IB Symposia – Rethink. There is a lot of learning shared by eminent personalities from their experience in different fields enthralling the students of MBA (IB) to acquire fruitful insights from different sessions of the day. The sessions are well curated based on the requirements of Industry and the event is graced by the presence of the leaders hailing from diverse fields.


Synergy is the Annual Management Fest organized by students of MBA (IB) & MBA (HRD), Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics. It involves the sharpest management brains across the country participating in plethora of events and competitions.