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The MBA wing of the Department of Commerce, has completely student driven multi-organ bodies, overseeing operations and activities of the student run committees and societies. These committees are in turn entrusted with the task of the internal and external brand building of HRD and IB programs, through their joint efforts. They enable students to strike a balance between academic rigor and co-curricular activities & the resultant responsibilities which come embedded as part of brand HRD-IB. They play an active role in shaping the future of the program.




In a span of mere 20 years, MBA (HRD) & MBA (IB) programs have successfully established themselves in the industry. Their rich alumni base expands across geographies, sectors and industries. The institute promotes a cohesive culture and believes in engaging all its alumni. Team Alumni aspires to capture the essence of experience of the rich alumni base and direct it towards the intellectual enrichment of the blossoming minds of the attending batches. The following instrumental events are conducted round the year for the same:

  • Annual Alumni Dinner: The annual alumni dinner is organized for the confluence of alumni across batches, which works as a platform for reuniting them with the faculty and introducing them with the current batches in a formal setting.
  • Alumni Chapter Meets: Chapter meets are conducted every year at central locations across India with the aim of reconnecting and interacting with alumni based in distant places from their Alma mater.
  • Mentorship Workshops: These workshops are organized to help provide career guidance and help students prepare for upcoming Summer Internship and Final Placement process through GD-PI sessions and interactions.
  • Guest Lectures: The Alumni from diverse fields are invited to address the students and provide a birds eye view of their area of expertise and knowledge.
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    Team Convention is one of the oldest committees of MBA(IB/HRD) which organizes the ‘Annual Business Convention’, Erudition’, every year on a grand scale. The team is responsible for planning, enlisting and shortlisting speakers for panel discussions and marketing the event. Team Convention provides an opportunity to interact with corporate leaders, various organisations for inviting speakers, getting sponsorships & event partners.

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    The Corporate Relations Team has complete ownership of all Corporate Relations & Placement related activities on campus. They are the brand evangelists for MBA(HRD/IB) and are responsible for pitching in new recruiters, maintaining and developing relations with the existing recruiters, strategizing and conducting campus recruitment activities, formulating and executing various activities for brand building of MBA(HRD/IB).

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    Media and Public Relations Cell - MBA (HRD & IB)

    Sound communication practices are one of the basic ingredients in the process of establishment of an institution. At the same time long term growth hinges on a visionary and a pragmatic branding and promotion strategy. Media Cell at HRD-IB handles Communication and Branding & Promotion for the institution. This cell also manages the in-house magazines and journals which carry various articles and inputs contributed by the students, faculty members and the industry. Media cell has expanded its sphere of activities by coordinating and working in tandem with all other cells and committees. The other key deliverables of the Media Cell include:

    • Media Coverage of flagship events
    • Erudition, Symposia, Competitions and several events
    • Coverage of other on-campus events and off-campus events MBA(IB-HRD) students participate in.
    • Networking with professional HR-IB Associations
    • Jigyasa: HRD’s annual journal endeavors to promote and disseminate knowledge in the complex multidisciplinary field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. Its objective is to disseminate concepts of professional management and contribute to a better understanding of the systems, resources, theory and performance of people in organization
    • UDAY- MBA(IB)’s annual magazine which aims to disseminate information relating to all domains of international business and enhance knowledge about the managerial know-hows

    Discipline Committee (HRD & IB)

    Discipline Committee serves as a moderator to ensure proper decorum during various corporate lectures and events organized by various other committees. The committee assures that proper dress code and behavior conduct is maintained during corporate interactions.


    HighQ is the cell formed by the merger of Team Academics and Team Library at MBA (HRD), Delhi School of Economics. This cell focuses on ‘personality’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘development’. The vision of HighQ is to create an atmosphere of academic rigorousness, ensure plugging of academic vulnerabilities and create a talent pool with functional knowledge of subjects by developing a culture of collaborative learning and establishing interdependencies among the students to serve the common goal of achieving academic excellence. HighQ organises academic lectures and discussion sessions to revise subjects and help students in gaining more understanding of the same. Brainstorming and Case study methods are used to inculcate problem solving, Decision making and analytical skills. We connect students with different professional HR platforms. The committee also maintains a store of around 200 books and novels on various subjects of HR, OD and General Management. Under project ‘LearningHR’, HighQ assigns weekly assignments to students to build conceptual learning of HR function. With time bound assignments, planning and prioritisation is encouraged which help our students to excel at Organisational level.

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    Being a part of the global economy, which is ever growing and developing, it becomes imperative to keep up with its constant changes and developments. For this, we need to step out of the boundaries of our books, and learn from those who have had their hands dirty in this evolving business scenario. The Students Development Cell provides a productive interface between the academic and the industry and fuels the exchange of ideas among students, academics, government and the industry.

    The committee is responsible for entering into alliances with different Industry Sectors/ Consortiums with a view to develop the knowledge base of its students. The main aim of this cell is to prepare the students for the corporate world by engaging them into activities to give them insights of the real world corporate practices. The cell takes care of various student activities such as workshops, student orientation and ice breaking sessions for the junior and senior batches. The cell also focuses on improving and developing the overall personality of the students by organizing activities like personality development sessions and workshops with coaches and guides from the industry itself. The major events of this committee are the HR Symposia and Conflux. HR Symposia is a 2-day corporate event which involves inviting esteemed speakers from the corporate to deliver lectures on burning HR topics of the day based on a central theme. Whereas, Conflux is the annual management fest with HR at its core, consisting of competitions, games and quizzes for students from all over India to think strategically and put the manager in them to test.

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    Entertainment, Sports and Cultural Team - MBA (HRD)

    While it’s crucial to keep students abreast with academic rigour, it’s also important to ensure the holistic development of students through various activities. In this pursuit, ESAC aims to provide a platform to students to explore their horizons beyond academics. The committee is responsible for engagement activities and sports activities. They organise trips, fun activities and sporting events to aid this learning.

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    Team Sankalp was founded on Oct 2, 2016 with a sole aim of building socially responsible managers, this committee helps students to develop sensitivity towards the society and provide opportunities to apply their management skills to social problems. All business schools strive to develop successful and competent managers who can occupy the topmost echelons of the corporate ladder but they often forget to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility in their students towards their society and the environment. Being in HR, the importance is even more as you must deal with people from diverse backgrounds with sensitivity. This helps MBA (HRD), Department of Commerce in producing Socially responsible managers. Having been founded only recently, the committee has already started to show a lot of promise.

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    Constrat (Consulting and Strategy) - MBA (IB)

    Club Constrat (Consulting and Strategy) Club at Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics is the youngest yet most dynamic addition to the list of clubs, a unique student initiative with the objective of benefiting the students through a diverse portfolio of activities and events round the year. It provides a platform to the students who are passionate about making a mark in the consulting world.

    The Finance Cell - MBA (IB)

    Finance Cell is the oldest Cell at IB and it helps the students to understand the finer nuances of business finance through various events and activities organized by it while preparing them for the world to come. The cell has provided a platform for aspiring finance managers to integrate their classroom learning experiences with the pressing issues in finance through its annual magazine “THE FINSHASTRA”. Along with The Finshastra, Finance Cell works on other projects throughout the year. We had hosted multiple events, ranging from guest lectures, contests and remedial sessions, lined up to keep finthusiasts at IB on their toes.

    Industry Interaction and Student Activities Cell (IISAC) - MBA (IB)

    The constantly changing management paradigms and shrinking business borders have necessitated business studies and the industries to come closer. A productive interface between academia and industry in the present times of knowledge economy plays a pivotal role to shape the vision and perception of business in those who are at the receiving end of knowledge. The committee fuels the exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing among students, academics, government and the industries. Discussions and brainstorming have always helped not only in the dissemination of ideas across minds, but also in the improvement, clarification and redefinition of these ideas. It facilitates students' involvement through their work via different activities like lecture series, IB Conferences/Symposiums (ReThink), Case Studies, Industry Visits and Port Visits. One of it's commitments is to enter into alliances with different industry sectors/consortium with a view to broaden knowledge base of students and give them a know how of the actual business world before they enter it to play their roles.

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    The International Business Cell - MBA (IB)

    As the importance and impact of international business has increased, there is a commensurate need to identify its emerging issues and assess their potential contributions. Keeping this in mind, the International Business Cell tries to bridge the gap between students and information regarding the ever changing world of international business by organising various workshops, conferences, forums, in house trainings and our newsletter “Vishvyapar”. The International Business Cell is a studentled cell that aims to facilitate students in attaining valuable knowledge about global business practices.

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    Marcom - The marketing cell of IB is a student initiative that aims at nurturing individuals with distinctive imagination and originality, making them indispensable for any team that they work in. It provides an opportunity to the students to explore their potential in the field of marketing outside the classroom. They use tools such as case study competitions, quizzes and presentations to provide an unadulterated flavor of marketing to students. Our widely acclaimed student magazine ‘Brand.i’, invites articles from leading B-schools across the country and is an exciting platform to keep up with the rapidly evolving arena of marketing. Their annual video shoot (Mannequin challenge last year) is highly acclaimed in the YouTube channel.They organize The Ultimate CMO Challenge, case study for the annual management fest of the DSE.

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    Ravenbrain - The Academic Cell - MBA(IB)

    With an aim to make every IBian develop strong managerial concepts and knowledge related to the subject matter, Ravenbrain is always on its toes to provide with whatever academic resources are required by the batch and making them ready to compete in this extremely competitive bizz world.

    Sports and Cultural Club - MBA(IB)

    The Sports and Cultural club of MBA-IB has a clear purpose- To brighten the lives of the student community through sport and Cultural activities.

    We understand that sport is something that gives people the purest form of joy. And all our work is directed towards enhancing and improving the ways of providing this joy. You can read about sport, you can talk about it and you can even write about it, but nothing beats the feeling of actually stepping onto the field and experiencing those sporting emotions for yourself.