Program Overview

Scintillating energy, razor-sharp intellect and insight, sound beginnings and the propensity to chart their own course through the firmament – this is what defines students of MBA- HRD at the Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics.
Much like Arthur’s legendary sword, this degree in Human Resource and Organizational Development is achieved by a chosen few, who first have to strive to be worthy of it. Grueling academic schedules go hand in hand with proactive efforts to develop new perspectives and a higher level of knowledge and understanding. Going beyond books, theories and case studies to open new windows, the course equips young managers to take on the world, meet every challenge and emerge victorious.
It isn’t just a degree in HR and OD. It’s the Corporate Excalibur.

Why Human Resource Development?

The MBA- Human Resource Development programme of the Department of Commerce has been designed to cater to the growing need of industry and business for professionally qualified young men and women in the area of Human Resource and Organisational Development. In the liberalized framework of the Indian economy, corporate experts in HRD will be amongst the key resource personnel needed for corporate strategic planning and control. Further, existing personnel specialists will need to develop fresh perspectives in order to cope with the changing role of personnel and industrial relations departments of corporate organisations. The objective is to provide quality education to highly motivated, bright young men and women so that they can provide professional expertise to business and industry in the area of human resource and organisational development.