The students of MBA, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics had the great pleasure of interacting with our esteemed alumnus, Mr. Jayant Yadav MIB batch 2005-07.

Mr. yadav took this opportunity to share his experiences and journey that started from DSE. He touched base on various topics ranging from education, career opportunities, life in general, and economics. The students had an easy time relating to every word spoken. He rendered indepth insights about insolvency, the central bank's role in a country's economy, Bankruptcy,pegs, the impossible trinity, Ponzi scheme etc. He also emphasised the need to learn a computer language to stay relevant in the super competitive job market.

The Vartalaap session witnessed an interactive discussion where students got their queries answered and were advised on development of their skill-sets and shaping of their careers.

We thank Mr. Yadav for his encouragement and support and aim to continue the Alumni connect.